Cubic space program, reaches Minecraft.

Advanced Rocketry 1.10.2 is a mod based on exploration, both spatially, as other planets and celestial bodies, allowing us to create our own custom rockets, which can unite propellers, mechanisms and devices that allow travel to other planets, satellites e even other solar systems.

Although the mod allows us to customize the shape of our spacecraft, we must consider that for spacecraft lifts under, we have to find the balance between pushing propellers and weight of our spacecraft. Considering this, we can launch into space exploration in Minecraft.

image of a player on the planet Mars. At the horizon we see the Earth in small dimensions.

Advanced Rocketry Mod 1.10.2

How to install Advanced Rocketry Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2?

  • Download Minecraft Forge 1.10.2
  • Download LibVulpes.
  • Download Advanced Rocketry Mod 1.10.2
  • Double-click the downloaded file to run Fore installer.
  • Paste the “LibVulpes” file downloaded, into .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Paste the mod downloaded file into .minecraft / mods folder.
  • Good space trip!

Download Advanced Rocketry Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2