Alchemical advantage from a new system to develop new items and features.

Alchemy Craft 1.8 is a mod that focuses on offering some blocks and objects that allow us to develop new features and improvements magical for both armor of our character, how to develop powerful new tools or new potions. All this through alchemical processes.

The mod adds a forge, an anvil and a workbench that will allow us to create new kinds of tools and armor from any material, and even combined materials, but also can add magical powers.

image where we can see some of the useful objects that lets you create this mod.

Alchemy Craft Mod 1.8

How to install Alchemy Craft Mod for Minecraft 1.8?

  • Download Minecraft Forge 1.8
  • Download BeardedLib
  • Download Alchemy Craft Mod 1.8
  • Double click to the downloaded file to run the Forge installer.
  • Paste the “BeardedLib” downloaded file inside of .minecraft/mods
  • Paste the mod downloaded file inside of .minecraft / mods folder.
  • Take the alchemy to create new objects and kit!

Download Alchemy Craft Mod for Minecraft 1.8