New bows and arrows for Minecraft.

Arrows Plus 1.6.2 is a mod that adds 12 new variants of tree in Minecraft, from which you can extract different types of wood to make new variants of bows and arrows.

Each of these variants allow different things like causing further damage or even give special abilities like teleportation. When combining some of the skills of an arc with a certain kind of arrow you will get new features or abilities.

Arrows are made of iron fragments, so before you need to craft the hammer to collect these fragments and use in the for cafting. This mod can be used in both single-and multiplayer.

How to install Arrows Plus Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2?

  • Download Minecraft Forge 1.6.2
  • Download Arrows Plus Mod 1.6.2
  • Double click the downloaded file to run the Forge installer.
  • Paste the mod downloaded file into .minecraft / mods folder.
  • ¡Have fun with new arrows and bows in Minecraft!

Download Arrows Plus Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2