Here is the second part of popular CUBEception adventure map, in this caseĀ CUBEception 2 for Minecraft 1.4.7.

This is an adventure map, that will provide several hours of play, at first, is based on the idea that we’re locked in a huge bucket where we have to escape from . But this isn’t all because CUBEception offers a great story that is sure to have you hooked.

We leave you with a video of this map:

How to install CUBEception 2 Map for Minecraft 1.4.7?

  • Download CUBEception 2 for Minecraft 1.4-7
  • Open .minecraft / saves
  • Paste the downloaded map into the saves folder.
  • We have a new adventure in Minecraft!

Download CUBEception 2 for Minecraft 1.4.7