Here you have a good looking simple texture pack for Minecraft.

Dandelion 1.7.2 is a pack of 16x resolution that doesn’t need MC Patcher, their colors are quite soft and the details of the textures quite simple, ideal for slower computers, as it keeps the original resolution of the game.

image of a house in the sea, decorated with dandelion texture pack.

Dandelion Texture 1.7.2

How to install Dandelion Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.7.2?

  • Download  Dandelion Texture Pack 1.7.2
  • Open .minecraft/resourcepacks
  • Paste the .zip downloaded file inside the “resourcepacks” folder.
  • ¡New 16x resolution for your Minecraft!

Download Dandelion Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.7.2