We continue with textures, this time to introduce Derivation RPG 1.5.1 of 32x resolution.

This is a pack that has been developed and updated for a long time, but we didn’t still have it in MineCraftings. It’s textures are based on realism and features a stylish design. The author has tried to change the appearance of the mobs to make something different and fun without affecting the hole game look.

How to install Derivation RPG Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.5.1?

  • Download MC Pacther 1.5.1
  • Download¬†Derivation RPG Texture Pack 1.5.1
  • Open .minecraft / texturepacks
  • Paste the .zip file inside of Texturepacks
  • Open MC Patcher and press “Patch”
  • Ready!

Download Derivation RPG Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.5.1