Your character will return to grow and consume cannabis in this Minecraft version.

Herblore Mod 1.5.2 adds marijuana seeds, that will be obtained by breaking the high grass of the meadows. Once obtained the seeds we plant them and wait only to grow. Later, pick it, dry with the drying and crushing machine to consume.

We can consume it in different ways: in cookies, cakes or a crafted hookah, a pipe, or just with paper.

Let’s use the medium we use, once consumed our character Minecraft, feel the effects as dizziness, which will be more or less intense as the way they consumed.

How to install Herblore Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2?

  • Download Modloader 1.5.2
  • Download Herblore Mod 1.5.2
  • Open .minecraft / bin / minecraft.jar file
  • Paste Modloader files.
  • Delete META-INF folder.
  • Paste the downloaded file in the mod, inside .minecraft / mods
  • Fun is ready!

Download Herblore Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2