Herobrine is back in this second part of the map Herobrine’s Mansion.

Herobrine’s Return 1.6.2 is a map developed to be played from 1 to 3 people and haver rules like: do not use beds, not use boats and not break blocks unless expressly stated in the same course map. What do you expect from this second part of the one most popular used maps based on Herobrine?

On the map we find many of the new features or updates to Minecraft, which have been used by the author of the map, giving more flexibility of it self. We recommend using the textures that the author recommends for this map.

How to install Herobrine’s Return Map for Minecraft 1.6.2?

  • Download texture Herobrine’s Return.
  • Download Herobrine’s Return Map 1.6.2
  • Open the folder .minecraft / saves
  • Paste the downloaded map, under “saves”.
  • Paste the file textures within your .minecraft / resourcepacks
  • You got it!

Download Herobrine’s Return Map for Minecraft 1.6.2