Add a mixture of SimCity and The Sims to your Minecraft worlds.

Sim-U-Kraft 1.7.10┬áis a mod that will allow us to develop large towns or cities, inhabited by NPC’s. These can hire to perform a lot of tasks for us. The goal is to realize a “social system”.

When creating a new world with the mod installed, start with 10.00 Sim-U-credits ( currency of the mod), with which we can hire staff to begin developing our civilization.

Our residents can do the following tasks: lumberjack, builder, miner, different kinds of farmers, of wheat, potatoes, sugar cane, pumpkin, cactus, melon and carrot. Besides herders, traders and shopkeepers, soldiers, glaziers, butchers among other works.

This is a mod in beta, so it may still contain error, but it’s certainly an interesting mod to consider. There are texts and voices that guide us through the mod.

image of a city built with the mod sim-u-kraft 1.7.10

Sim-U-Kraft Mod 1.7.10

How to install Sim-U-Kraft Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10?

  • Downlod Minecraft Forge 1.7.10
  • Download Sim-U-Kraft Mod 1.7.10
  • Double-click the downloaded file to run the Forge installer.
  • Unzip the downloaded file.
  • Paste the file “” and “Simukraft” folder in .minecraft / mods
  • Start your own civilization from scratch!

Download Sim-U-Kraft Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10