We bring you a map of survival that becomes a mixture in a World in a Jar Map and Sky Block Survival Map.
Sky Islands Map 1.5.1 gives us a world with 25 areas or islands (round) or floating biomes representing specific areas, for example there are areas with dungeons, for the Nether, resources areas, areas with animals, etc..
Suddenly you appear on a piece of land suspended in the air, where your only company is a chest, will you get to survive and overcome the challanges? You’ll find up to 11 challenges:

  • Create a pumpkin crop.
  • Create a melon crop.
  • Create a wheat crop.
  • Conquer all the dungeons.
  • Create a trap for mobs in a dungeon.
  • Create a farm of experience in the dungeon.
  • Getting make 10 blue wool, red, orange, yellow, gray, black, green, cyan, pink and white.
  • Travel to The End and kill the Ender Dragon.
  • Enchant something with all your experience.
  • Reach paradise (see image below).
  • Browse all areas.

reach paradise in the sky islands map.


How to install Sky Islands Map for Minecraft 1.5.1?

  • Download Sky Islands Map 1.5.1
  • Open the  .minecraft / saves folder
  • Paste the downloaded map, under “saves”.
  • Survive in a world of giant floating balls!

Download Sky Islands Map for Minecraft 1.5.1