Slender’s Forest Map 1.4.5 is a map where we find and collect eight notes spread around the map, before Slender find us.

The map comes with a texture pack that modifies certain aspects, but basically modify an Enderman to make a Slenderman . This map can be played in two modes of game, one is difficult and the other is the drunk mode ;) We can choose the “level” from the spawn map, as so as if we play in day or night mode.

The author recommends these settings:

  • Render Distance: Short
  • Particles: Minimum
  • View Bobbing: ON
  • Brightness: bright
  • Music: 100%
  • Sound: 100%
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • If you are using Optifine: Enables the fog

How to install Slender’s Forest Map for Minecraft 1.4.5?

  • Download Slender’s Forest Map 1.4.5
  • Open”.minecraft/saves” file
  • PAste “Slender-Beta0.9.1”  folder into the map, inside “saves”.
  • Paste “Slender’s” file inside of .minecraft/texturepacks.
  • Find the 8 notes before the slender finds you!

Download Slender’s Forest Map for Minecraft 1.4.5