If you like the idea of start shooting at mobs and animals, you’ll like this mod.

The Gun Mod 1.4.5, adds various types of weapons, including a rifle with telescopic sights. We also find variety in ammunition, which may be based on normal bullets, incendiary or explosive bullets. We may also use three different shoothing modes for our weapons, the manual, the automatic and burst shooting.

Now you can face the creepers with explosive bullets and let them try their own medicine!

How to install The Gun Mod for Minecraft 1.4.5?

  • Download Modloader 1.4.5
  • Download The Gun Mod 1.4.5
  • Open .minecraft / bin / minecraft.jar file
  • Paste Modloader files.
  • Delete META-INF mask.
  • Paste the contents of “dotminecraft” within your. Minecraft
  • Paste content of “Jar” in your .minecraft / bin / minecraft.jar
  • Already installed!

Download The Gun Mod for Minecraft 1.4.5