Today we introduce you a mod to safely save your experience points.

XP Bank 1.4.7¬†¬†lets you create a “chest” where we store our experience to get out of the game with the assurance that we’ll have saved our experience in the “bank” including when diying.

In multiplayer games, we can also create a new block that will allow us to transfer experience to another player, who also owns the bank of experience.

The transfer of experience is through an interface that appears when you click on the block from the bank.

How to install XP Bank Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7?

  • Download Minecraft Forge API 1.4.7
  • Download XP Bank Mod 1.4.7
  • Open .minecraft / bin / minecraft.jar file
  • Paste Forge API files within “minecraft.jar”.
  • Delete META-INF folder.
  • Paste the file “” mod, inside the folder .minecraft / mods
  • Keep your experience points save!

Download XP Bank Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7